My very beautiful country, Philippines :)

Good day!

I have always dreamed of putting up a travel blog, and this is where that one has come to life. Also, I’m dreaming of someday putting up my own travel agency. Yes, i love travels that much. 🙂 And in fact, I love my country as much. I want for everyone to see it’s beauty. Whenever I go places and get to mingle with foreign people visiting my country, it’s always music to my ears hearing how much they are enjoying the scenery and the activities that Philippines offers.

I started travelling around 2008, and I shamelessly admit I have not gone too far yet. I myself have not seen enough of my country. I’m starting to make up to you, Philippines. I started visiting some of your glorious islands and I promise that I will continue to discover your wonders and tell the world about it as long as I live.

So before I end my entry about my passion for travel, I wanna share this picture of Panglao Island.


On Christmas day of this year, I shall see this island for myself. I have booked arrangements for this trip and I can’t tell enough how excited I am! I shall definitely write about my experience in this island and everything else that Bohol – where Panglao is located – will reveal to me.

See you fellas!

Jules  ❤

P.S. Photo courtesy of lugarko.blogspot,.com


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