Missing the best teacher I ever had – my university.


Picture courtesy of katsulit.blogspot.com

Where do I begin? Oh, God, I owe this place too much!

When I was in grade school (and until when I was in secondary school), I was nobody. I was a smart pupil (I think) but almost had no friends to take breaks with. I was the kind of student who always was bullied by the bad ones. I did not come to drinking sessions after class hours. I was not interested in attending the JS Prom – partly because I know I had no one to dance with, and because it’s too silly for me. Well I did attend the JS Prom, but because I was asked to be the host. I was one of the boring-kinds, uninteresting ones.

What made early schooling colorful for me were the essay-writing contests I won at, the speech competitions, the slogan-making contests, the chances to get up the stage to lead the singing of the national anthem, the singing presentations I did, the emceeing of the monthly programs at school. So I wasn’t bad at all, was I?

I was ambitious! And I still am, upon reaching my 4th year in secondary school, it’s been a puzzle where I will take my college studies. I took the entrance exams to this prestigious university, and I was doubtful that I’d pass but wow! I got in. 🙂

I believe that my entrance to the, no doubt, the best university in the country, is no accident. Upon stepping to its grounds, I’ve felt at-home! I’ve never felt I belonged ever than when I started going to this school! I got accepted to their campus in Laguna (the home of hot spring resorts), in Los Baños (famous for its delicious buko pies). It was 2 hours away from our family home in Manila so I had to rent in a dormitory, and later on, an apartment.

Like I said, I did feel there that I belong. The agony of not being friends with anyone for 8 years of schooling vanished in just minutes after initially meeting my roommates in my freshmen dorm. I am proud that until now, I am good friends with my very first roommates Aiza and Jheng. They were also taking up the same degree as I am (that is how we got sorted into our rooms then) so we had some of our classes together. If not, we crossed our way to Humanities building (that in the picture above) together on our way to our respective classes.


Us 10 years ago, with fellow dormer friends.


Us a year ago, met up for dinner and catching-up, and as baby shower for Jheng!

Outside of our dormitory, I had an organisation. I was a part of CBI (Christian Brotherhood International) which is a religious organisation for students of our church. I had so much fun being an active member of our org. It’s to CBI that I got to meet my bestfriend Fiona and experienced sleepovers at our brothers’ and sisters’ houses. It was also to CBI that I got to learn partying (irony?).


Goofing around in the male’s bathroom at an open house.

It was just sooo much fun! We went outdoors, we caught movies together, we did a lot of things. Most of all, we served in the church together. Some of my very best friends up to date are from my college org. From time to time, we still meet up and talk about the old times and the current.


One of the “girls’ nights” back in college.

Apart from making friends and partying, I am also very grateful to UPLB for having made me an independent person. Although I always had the independence within me, this is where I got to experience living away from my family and doing fine. It’s to college life why I am currently living away from my parents but doing very well and not making a mess of myself.

I thank my university, too, for the knowledge I was filled with when I was being nursed within its walls. That it just precious. And for the gift of discipline that came with it.


We can sleep over but sleep comes after studying.


“Glow-Job” a symposium as a project for one of my major subjects (how’s that for a title?)

Thank you too, dear school, for having taught me to persevere. There were a lot of times when we almost had nothing for food or any other thing, but we always came through those hardships.


A can of sardines divided to four!

If I am to choose when my glory days were, it’ll definitely be my college days. My transformation, my puberty, my best time of life.

Had I come to a different university, it may have turned out well, too. But I don’t think it would have been as good as how my time in University of the Philippines – Los Baños was.

UPLB, I promise to see you soon.

Did you forget I was meaning to become a surgeon? I’m not yet a surgeon, so yes, we’ll have time together again soon.

I was once a UP student.



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