Birthday Celebration – Puerto Galera, December 2012

My father was born and raised in Oriental Mindoro – a province located south of Metro Manila here in the Philippines. I grew up in the city (where my mom was, on the other hand, born and raised) but we would always visit my dada’s hometown almost every summer. One of the popular and best places to go to in Mindoro is Puerto Galera – one of the best bays in the world, with its awesome diving spots and great beach perfect for getting a tan.

Well, here’s the irony. I haven’t gone to Puerto Galera until I turned 26 last December, 2012. And that’s thanks to my travel and heart partner. 🙂

As you know, we wanted to go to Bohol and Panglao Island for our birthdays, but we did not have enough leave days to use, so we opted for Puerto Galera instead.

This part of Mindoro is a 2-hour bus and 1-hour boat away from Metro Manila.

It had many bays – the White Beach, Sabang, Aninuan, Big Lalaguna and Small Lalaguna. If you are the relax-on-the-beach type or the banana-boat type of vacationist, you will want to go to the White Beach. But I wanted to (try to) dive and snorkel to see the famous coral reefs and rich marine life of Galera so we went instead to Sabang.

From this point forward, I’ll only be showing captioned pictures. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera with me when we explored the underwater.


The bay area in Sabang. The boats parked are used by divers in reaching the diving spots.


One of the pricey resorts, Coco Beach. We passed by it during island hopping.


Our boatman got me something, he said “may laman” daw. I guess it belonged to the family of oysters and clams.


We did not do much island hopping, as it was raining. After snorkelling, we went to this island and went back to the hotel right away.


Our hotel had a nice swimming pool. It also had mesmerizing colored lights that do not overkill the christmas theme but instead were elegant. We stayed at Angelyn’s.


We were surrounded with restaurants which require thousands of bucks for a decent dinner plate. Walked around, and found this spot – tables and chairs and barbecue stands! They offer wide range of grilled selections and they are fairly priced. It’s located in the beach area, so you still get the beach-feel even when dining here 🙂

We had a quick dip at the pool and a few bottles of beer before heading back to our room.

Sorry I didn’t do Puerto Galera justice in this post (since I did not bring an underwater camera for island hopping and snorkelling) but here are some pictures of this beautiful place from the internet.

Puerto Galera from above. See the many beaches / bays?

Puerto Galera from above. See the many beaches / bays?

One of the famous diving spots in Galera - the beautiful, colorful Canyons!

One of the famous diving spots in Galera – the beautiful, colorful Canyons!

For more information on this awesome vacation place, visit




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