Puerto Princesa Underground River – One of the Seven Wonders of the World


So, I begin with blogging my latest travel. My 8-day journey in Palawan.

As usual, our flight to Puerto Princes (PPS) via Cebu Pacific was delayed, by more than an hour. But this fact did not dampen our excitement.

After the early evening, hour-long flight, we have landed in PPS International Airport and hurried to meet our “sundo” from our hotel. The airport is quite small, just like most provincial airports in the Philippines. This one though is a decent one, fortunately. Upon reaching the airport’s parking lot, the form of the local tricycle caught our eyes! It looked so cute and roomy, haha!


It looked like something from the Men in Black movie. haha!

We checked-in at GoHotels – one of the popular affordable options in accommodation. The room was cheap but it’s surprisingly good! It’s new and has modern features like the LCD TV, good shower, comfy and huge bed and the great airconditioning unit. Wanderers to Puerto Princesa, I recommend this hotel chain. 🙂 Upon settling our stuff, we headed out to look for a place for dining. Our hotel’s just beside the Robinsons Mall – Palawan, but it was already closed then. We found “Chikambak” instead and we’re glad we ate there! I think it stands for Chicken-Kambing (Goat)-Baka (beef). Clever!

On our first day of touring (2nd day in Palawan), we woke up early to have breakfast at the hotel and prepare to leave for the Subterranean river. TIP: Book your meals in advanced if you are booking rooms at GoHotels. The plated meals are quite pricey, they can be booked online for half the price. 🙂

We were picked up by our tour van at around 7am. It was a rainy Wednesday morning but driving to Sabang for 2 hours was a breeze. We were joined by other people in the tour – all Filipinos.


At the Sabang wharf, where pumpboats leave to bring tourists to the underground river.

The shore at the mountain range where the underground river is in.

The shore at the mountain range where the underground river is in.

The sand on the shore of the island is white and fine. It used to be permitted to swim there but it’s now prohibited because of the many boats that dock there. A few steps from the shore is a pretty rainforest, some tables for visitors, lots of signs, some monitor lizards you might want to chase and take picture of.

The wooden footpaths give you a foresty feel when you walk on them! They lead you to the riv

The wooden footpaths give you a foresty feel when you walk on them! They lead you to the river.

After putting on the life jacket and helmet and signing some registration form, we hopped in the boat and off we go!


I really thought we won't be able to fit in the entrance! It looked very low from afar!

I really thought we won’t be able to fit in the entrance! It looked very low from afar!

The entrance to the cave looked very low from the other side of the river. Upon entrance, you will inhale the unwelcoming smell of bat sh*t. You can (try to) fight this smell though by applying menthol on your nosetrils. The bad smell will only be present though in the entrance and in the middle of the trail.

The underground river is 21 kms long but the tour will only cover 8 kms. Inside the cave it’s pitch black but in the edge of each tour boat, a flood light is provided. The person who sits on the front is responsible in pointing the flood light to where the tour guide wants it pointed at. Some of the pictures of the awesome rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites below in the pictures.



Looked like a corn!


Towering! Blown me away.


Some of the stalactites go up to some low, reachable points.


Awesome stalagmite!

About out the nature's wonder.

About out the nature’s wonder.

Last shot before we're totally out of the awesome unde

Last shot before we’re totally out of the awesome cave.

Oh it was beautiful! The tour (including the van transfers and lunch meals) costed Php 1,500 – quite pricey, but totally worth it!

After the great tour, we take some more time lurking and wandering around the park before taking the boat back to the wharf. Lunch came next! We drove a lil bit to a part of the San Vicente Island, got off the van at a buffet serviced restaurant infront of the beach. 🙂

The lunch area.

The lunch area.

The lunch consisted of soup, chicken meal (adobo), grilled pork chops, grilled tuna, sauteed vegetables, freshly-cut fruits and a bottle of softdrink. It was fulfilling. 🙂

Had a few pictures taken by the beach before we left. Fine, white sands seemed to be everywhere in Palawan!

DSC01695DSC01697This is also the island where the 800-meter zipline is stationed. On the left of this point is the Sabang Wharf, on the far right is the Subterranean Park. 🙂

We even saw a dead catfish on the shore.


This could have tasted well if it were still alive and cleaned for grilling (to death, haha!).

It was a low tide then, a sandbar appeared a few steps from the shore 🙂


A warning signal by the shore.

A warning signal by the shore.

Our tour van dropped me and Mario off at a van station at the Taraw Shore where we waited for our service van to El Nido.

I only got to see this much of Puerto Princesa and I was amazed already! I’m looking forward to seeing more 🙂

Stay tuned for my entry on the El Nido and Coron part of this trip!




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