Coron, Palawan. Day 2 – Sexy, Virgin and Fine White Sand Defined


Malcapuya Island πŸ™‚

I did not grow up spending summer vacation at posh places and beaches, no. I only got to start to travel when I started making my own money. During childhood, the closest thing I had seen as a natural wonder was the river at the back of our family house in Mindoro, and as a sexy beach the gray-sand beach area a few kilometers from there.

As of my current age, I’ve only gone to a few good beaches including Bantayan Island in Cebu, Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro, Mutiara Burau Bay in Langkawi, Malaysia, among others.

So, upon reaching Palawan, I was still wondering how a perfect white sand beach really looks and feels like. The answers came in barrels on my day 2 in Coron. Although I’ve already spent a day in El NIdo and have met some of its awesome beaches, I felt like they weren’t “it” yet.

When I mapped out our holiday, I scheduled our beach-hopping day for day 3. But our tour provider had to interchange itineraries for day 2 and 3 due to tour sharing.

First stop: The Coron word-of-mouth Malcapuya Island.Β 


The parking area for boats at the “side” of the island.

It took us about 3 hours to reach this island. The tour provider has provided us with a malfunctioning and utterly-slow boat 😦 The trip was supposed to be just 1 hour to get here.

But the wait and travel is worth it! πŸ™‚ So is the P150 entrance fee which I think is a bit peaky!


Please again excuse my fats and just focus on the very pleasant beach!

This island has a very long stretch of white, fine sand. This is also privately-owned, thus the considerably high entrance fee. The owner/s of the island though have provided guests with several tables and chairs for dining and tents for shed at the beach area. Stayed here for a few hours and for lunch. More pictures!


The very clear water and the towering coconut trees complete the sophisticated beauty of Malcapuya Island.


I’m inggit when he found this spot! So relaxing.

This is yet another must-go-to place in Coron! Or, we can decide after seeing the 2 other islands we went to on our second island hopping day. πŸ™‚

Second stop: The Virgin Banana Island!Β 


Banana Island from afar! See the white stretch surrounding the island? πŸ™‚

Banana Island has several accommodation rooms that can be rented per night. I think they cost 1,000php per hut per night, and you get to experience living on the island for a short time and waking up to a paradise. πŸ™‚


I’m bursting out of my swimming dress already for staying in Palawan for days! Haha!

This is also privately-owned and open to the public for 150php per head. People can stay at the huts or camp. There is a store here although it is recommended to bring own food if staying here for a night or more. The “corner” of the island is a huge bed of white sand, and is, for me, the best stop in this island to lie down at!Β Image


The hut in the background is one of the rooms for accommodation. There is also a volleyball court at this edge of the island. It’s very wiiiiiide!


Fine white sand everywhere. Untrimmed bushes embrace you with a feeling of closeness to a virgin nature.


The area in the sea at the background where there is a floater is the snorkeling. Not only is this island very charming but underwater is also teeming with life!

Personally, this is the most beautiful of all the islands in Coron that I have gone to. People, if you are visiting Coron, please do see the awesome Banana Island for yourself. πŸ™‚

Third and Final Stop for the day: Bulog Dos Island


This island is not sharing the sea of Bulalacao, Coron with Banana and Malcapuya Islands for no reason. It has equally fine and perfect sand surrounding it. What has added to its natural charm is a wide sandbar.

The sandbar is almost as wide as a beach area.

The sandbar is almost as wide as a beach area.

The Bulog Dos island’s sandbar connects to the island where Four Seasons Resort is located. The sand at 4 Seasons though is not as good as here.

It also has a very wide shore. Behind me is the Four Seasons Luxury Resort.

It also has a very wide shore. Behind me is the Four Seasons Luxury Resort.

How can one place be so, so beautiful?

How can one place be so, so beautiful?

Any person who’s said that he/she does not want to live anymore and wants to die instead has not gone to Palawan yet. Take them suicidals to Coron and make them see these islands, I’m sure they will be converted to life-loving people. πŸ™‚

After staying for about an hour in Bulog Dos, we had to go back already. It’s a shame that because of our slow boat, we could not stay further at this beautiful place.

People, please do not miss these places when coming to Coron. πŸ™‚

My personal favorite is the Banana Island – it’s very unspoiled, very virgin.

Bulog Dos on the other hand is an island so sexy that it’s perfect for just beach-bumming all day.

Malcapuya is quite the touristy one.

See you on my 3rd installment of my Coron adventure. πŸ™‚




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