Coron Day 3 – Capping off Palawan with Skeleton Wreck Site, Barracuda Lake and more.

First of all, I’m sorry it took a very loooong time before I got to write about the last day of my trip to Palawan! Well, here it is, finally. 🙂

Our last tour day in Palawan was supposed to be just lazing around the beaches we previously went to (Malcapuya-Banana Island-Bulog Dos), but as mentioned earlier, since we are sharing the tour with other tourists, it had to be switched to a different tour day.

Last day was snorkeling in Barracuda Lake, another Coral Garden I forgot the name of, the Skeleton Wrecks, the Twin Peaks and killing time in Smith Beach for the rest of the day. Contrary to what I expected, this tour became a nice capoff. We were the only passengers of the boat – our companions from the previous day did not want to take tours with the operator anymore because of the bad boating experience from our 2nd day.


Refreshing Barracuda Lake! A must-go-to!

There’s a little bit of hike too, up and down, to reach the Barracuda Lake. But unlike Kayangan Lake, the hike is only about 20 steps up and 20 steps down. The stairs are pretty sturdy and safe, too.

Barracuda Lake has a more open space than Kayangan. When we were there, we have some divers as company and they were gonna dive in to feed the sharks. Yes, there are barracudas that they feed with bread so they do not interfere with humans.

Wooden planks for steps looked newly-furnished.

Wooden planks for steps looked newly-furnished.

Afterwards, we went to a coral garden near Twin Peaks, I guess it’s called Twin Peaks Coral Garden.

Twin Peaks! Although we only halves of the peaks are shown in this picture.

Twin Peaks! Although we only halves of the peaks are shown in this picture.

Water in the Twin Peaks Coral Garden is so inviting! It’s just so calm. Underneath is a rich marine life. It’s so refreshing to swim and peak under the water to see the corals and fishes, and swim some more. After about an hour, we left for lunch and the skeleton wrecks.

The Hut at Banol Beach.

The Hut at Banol Beach.

The Banol beach is just a few feet area of sand, which was actually covered by seawater when we went there because of high tide. There is a hut that has a table for tour lunches. This is also where the skeleton wreck is located.

We snorkeled at the wreck site for more than an hour, we could not get a good picture of the wrecks because of bad lighting, but this is what you can you unless you dive in deep.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

There were so many fishes in the wreck site because corals formed already on the remnants of the sunken ship. So fun to play with them.

Last stop was Smith Beach – a charming little beach with white, fine sand on a limestone island. It has a hut too and some chairs to rest at. This is where we spent the rest of the tour – just sunbathing, playing with the sand and water. We let our boatmen rest, too 🙂

Smith Beach

Smith Beach

Smith Beach is located not far from the wharf. You can see the town from the beach. It belongs to the Coron group of Islands where most of the destinations in Coron tours are located at.

A panoramic shot of Smith Beach. So charming :)

A panoramic shot of Smith Beach. So charming 🙂

Since coming from Palawan, I’ve always told people who come to me about their tours to “Come to Palawan, you can never go wrong with Palawan.” I know I’ll keep coming back to this wonderful, beautiful place in my country.

I’d like to stress that if you’re coming to Coron and want not to spend too much on tours and comfortable accommodation, go to Luis Bay Travellers’ Lodge. They offer rooms for as low as Php500 and serve fulfilling breakfasts. They also arrange tours for visitors so they won’t have to look for companions to save on tour fees. Visit their facebook page:

'Til next time, Palawan :)

‘Til next time, Palawan 🙂

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