The fantastic island that is Boracay



I have always tried to avoid coming to Boracay. My thoughts about it are that it’s overrated, overcrowded, expensive and that one cannot find peace and relaxation there. 

Last December holiday break, I finally gave in. That’s probably one of the best travel decisions I made.

We, together with 2 other friends, sailed from Batangas port to Caticlan overnight via 2go. Foreign friends, this is one other way on how to reach Boracay. From Manila, take a 2-hour bus ride to Batangas Port and get on the 2go ship at 9pm. You will reach Caticlan at 6am the following day. From there, the island is only about 10-minutes ferry ride away.

So why did we sail instead of flying? Because it was December, it was holiday break – the airfares have skyrocketed for the peak season. 

As a matter of fact, the sail was very smooth and fun! The huge pink-and-white ship has a deck that has a bar that serves drinks and food, bar stools and tables and beach chairs to lounge on during the sail. This experience was fun having enjoyed this with friends. We drank and smoked cigarettes like we are just hanging at any other bar in the Metro. 

Upon reaching the island, I just could not forgive myself I waited too long to go and judged it prematurely. It is beautiful. I have never stepped on finer sands that in Boracay. I did not mind at all walking barefoot. I would sometimes ditch my slippers too because the sand is so fun to step and walk at. 


Was it crowded? Yes, maybe, especially because we went there in the beginning of the peak season. But, the beach area is too long and too wide to accommodate too many visitors and bars and hotels. There was still too much space for everybody to lie down and get massaged at. 


Was it an expensive place to vacation at? Well, that is relative. But so many fairly-priced food and drinks are offered everywhere. At our first evening, we had buffet dinner at a restaurant in Station 1 for one Php395 per person. The buffet consisted of king crabs, eggplant torta, grilled pork, fried shanghai, garden salad, pancit, several other viands, dessert and bottomless drinks. The next morning, we had lunch at a store that serves different “Silog” treats and other local dishes, by the beach, at an average of Php80 per plate with a heft serving of rice and iced tea included.

Drinks? As I only got to down local beers and shakes, I can only say that beers cost around Php45 per bottle and shakes are from Php60 – Php150 depending on what restaurant or store you order them from. 


First day lunch: Seafood Family Platter at Php995. Included a plate of crackers, fried spring rolls, grilled blue marlin, grilled squid, grilled shrimp. We got to take home about half as remainder.

Was it relaxing to vacation at? Definitely. It’s relaxing just staring at the horizon or stare at the shore while submerged in the sea. You can set your beach towel and lie down for as long as you can. Get a beach chair and a tall glass of beer or fruit shake and just let go, just relax. Lounge under one of the many coconut trees and get a massage. The sea breeze is like a mental massage. This island is very relaxing. 


Have your kind of fun!

The island offers too many activities, too. We did the helmet diving and the flying fish. You can also get a banana boat ride, scuba diving, the thrilling parasailing, ATV ride, zorb and ziplining. You can never run out of reasons to enjoy the island. Finally, and for free, immerse yourself in the beautiful sunset. 


See you there soon? 


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