I am the queen of itineraries

Yes, I dare say.

Every June (or early July), me and my man take a break from the metro life to celebrate our anniversary. I always make the itineraries. They always take me months of planning and research, but they are always satisfying and low-budget. No, they are not low-budget because we stayed at inns and hostels and shared bathrooms with other people. No, they’re not camping trips. I am a proud maker of three (so far) fairly-lenghty holiday anniversary trips.

Get these:

June-July, 2012 (1st Anniversary) – Malaysia

8 days:
Kuala Lumpur
Langkawi Island
Kota Kinabalu

June 2013 (2nd Anniversary) – Palawan, Philippines

8 days
Puerto Princesa (including a tour to the Underground River)
El Nido

June 2014 (3rd Anniversary) – Visayan Provinces of the Philippines

8 days:
Oslob, Cebu
Cebu City
Tagbilaran City, Bohol
Panglao Island, Bohol

I’ll gladly open up about these trips, including what my options were on transfers, resorts, etc (if I remember all of them, haha). I’ll also share how much we spent. Just hang on ’til I get a free time and write them down in here.

P.S. I am a researcher for an Australian company that pays me to research corporate info and honed me further in making sharp holiday itineraries 🙂

Much love, xoxo.


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